Hello, I'm Ebbony

Hello, I'm Ebbony

the founder of Wild At Heart Social.

I’m a typical Sagittarius (in other words, very energetic) and when I’m not sipping on an iced coffee (all year round), listening to my favourite songs by Taylor Swift, you’ll find me and my family relaxing at the beach or hiking a mountain somewhere in Brisbane.

As a young adult, I was fascinated by the power of advertising. The ability to influence human behaviour?
It was like a superpower that I had to learn. 

I started exploring the world of marketing. Sales, events, promotions, PR….

it all had me spellbound

At 16 years old, I landed my first job in the field, working in promotions.

This began my love affair with marketing. To me, there’s nothing move motivating than an ambitious woman who needs my help to change her life.

In 2020, I was one of those brides who had to keep postponing their wedding. At the time, I was working in corporate marketing and fortunate enough to do so from home. 

While it was difficult to, as a bride, keep up with the ever-changing laws that affected my special day, I was even more heartbroken to see the devastation it caused the vendors.  

The whole experience stirred something within me, and I couldn’t sit still any longer.

I initiated conversations.

I came up with innovative ways to keep their businesses thriving. They needed new ideas and fresh insights. I was there during the difficult times and now I get to be here for the exciting ones.

I realised that I couldn’t go back to corporate marketing. Even though it had been my home for over 20 years, it was time to spread my own wings and see how far I could soar.

So now, I’m here.

My ambition is to empower you

and lift the weight of managing your social media off your shoulders. Because running a successful business requires balance and when the balance is achieved - It's bliss. 

Fast-forward to today Wild At Heart Social exists to provide luxury lifestyle businesses with a high-end social media presence and scroll-stopping content that is playful yet still classic.


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I'm committed to nurturing the relationships between you and your followers by providing
an experience that is both on-trend and insightful. 



Deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes

Creative Expression:

Ignite creative spark where ever I can 


Be kind and caring to everyone I encounter.


Showing up and accomplishing my commitments 

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