6 Types of Digital Marketing

Do you have BIG dreams for your business? 🤔 💟

You don’t need to have a ton of followers to have a successful business! 📢 🤍

What you need is an intentional, purposeful, and long-term Marketing Strategy!

💬 What is a successful Marketing Strategy?

A strategy that ISN’T numbers based. In all honesty, if you’re still playing the follower game, you may need to slightly reprioritise. ✔️

Here’s why your biz ISN’T growing on social media:

✖️ Your photos aren’t connecting to your audience
✖️ You’re not providing enough value to your followers
✖️ All your posts are selling your products/services
✖️ You’re not implementing different types of marketing into your strategies

Remember social media is only one part of the marketing mix – there are many ways you can build relationships with your audience.

Such as:

✔️ Pay-Per-Click
✔️ Content Marketing
✔️ Email Marketing
✔️ Mobile Marketing
✔️ Search Engine Optimization
✔️ Social Media Marketing

Are you using all the Marketing Strategies? Comment below, what works best for you 🙌

6 Types of Digital Marketing

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